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if I die young
he said
call me maybe
christmas shoes
fight another day
where are you Christmas
my redeemer lives
call on Jesus
I am
always love
better than a hallelujah
I will rise
more like falling in love
christian the lion
planet earth
why don't you and I
the game of love
all good people
free fallin'
I want to know what love
we are
and you and I
are you gonna kiss me or
yours is no disgrace
hell on the heart
close to the edge
I keep on loving you
I saw God today
kiss goodbye
love like crazy
mysterious ways
raise your glass
sweet serendipity
what faith can do
season of love
hold us together
beautiful day
voice of a savior
paris (oh la la)
solo by Gabriela
diablo rojo
come unto me
wide awake
f****** perfect
that's why I pray
lost in this moment
all american girl
missing pages
every saturday
she's so mean
what love really means
check yes or no
alyssa lies
jesus in disguise
everything you ever wante
don't have love
always (bldg 429)
how country feels
never for nothing
sweet days of grace
we all need
some people change
no doubt about it
starship trooper
christmas in the sand
christmas comin' round ag
let me love you
goodbye in her eyes
holly jolly christmas
proof of your love
santa claus is coming to
spirit in the night
I knew you were trouble
can anybody hear me?
I'll think of a reason la
I hope you dance
sure be cool if you did
honey bee
everybody needs love
the reason why
how do you get that lonel
when you say nothing at a
get your shine on
if love had a heart
love has come
the one you say goodnight
without me
what it means to be loved
daylight(playing for chan
don't worry 'bout a thing
my wish
beat this summer
more beautiful you
runnin' outta moonlight
shadow days
yes! by chad brock
nothing but sky
forgiven and loved
show me love
I hope it rains
let them be little
you'll always be my baby
I believe
true love
dearly loved
steady me
fool in the rain
rough water
more God
love restores
gather at the river
everything I need
drink a beer
you get me
hold on
Christmas canon
same old lang syne
u smile
show 'em what you're made
press on
she get me high
doin' what she likes
cry love
coming of age
where it's at
walking on sunshine
seven bridges road
everybody wants to rule t
bang bang
boom clap
there goes my life
just a kiss
the heart wants what it w
God made girls
grown men don't cry
thinking out loud
I really like you
take me there
holes in the floor of Hea
we danced
where I belong
almost a memory now
good for you
more than you think I am
what do you say
the sun is rising
he gets that from me
drive (for daddy Gene)
baby girl
drops in the ocean
fight like a girl
who I am
we danced anyway
strawberry wine
light in your eyes
say somethin
stupid boy
die a happy man
I got the boy
good good father
you can't lose me
you should be here
just like them horses
grace wins
let love win
cowboy ride
the baby
love & rock n' roll
touch the sky
if we're honest
that's what angels do
you look like I need a dr
when I'm gone
I would've loved you anyw
I'm movin' on
life ain't always beautif
how can it be
the good stuff
come home soon
no place that far
if my heart had wings
I can still feel you
two sparrows in a hurrica
this is me your talking t
one step at a time
the fighter
come back to me
love never fails
takes a little time
if I could turn back time
silent night
if the boot fits
walking in memphis
song page
Music has a way of touching our soul. To have our hearts touched is physically a good thing. Hormones are released that encourage good health. Tears and laughter are equally good. Have you ever laughed so hard you cried? And then there are songs that just make you feel good (there are country songs, funny songs, christian songs, pop songs, and rock songs on here, new and classic songs).


I hope you find the songs and videos in here addictive. There is a lot of light and love (some songs are just plain fun :-). Set your burdens down for a minute, stop trying to make sense of your world, or the larger world, and feed your soul (if you insist on trying to make sense of the world, I've started including some clues to do that on each song! :-). This "soul food" is good for your body and your heart (physical and emotional health).
If I don't have the link below, just click on the links to the left.
Do you find inspiration from music? I often gain insights to life from a good song. This music video is about dying young. Click here for a look. There's also a very moving story I recently put on this page.
This is another song I like that encourages you to have the strength to "fight against the wind". Have you ever tried to follow your heart and felt the currents of the world working against you? That's when we need our faith the most, to do it by yourself is truly exhausting! Check out this link.
fight another day
"Christmas Shoes" is an amazing song. It touches your heart in a way that few songs do. 
Did you celebrate Christmas as a child? Was it a time of love and joy? Do you sometimes see Christmas coming and have a hard time getting in the spirit? This video may be just what you need.
Do you enjoy a good laugh? Tim Hawkins is a Christian comedian that will have you smiling and laughing.
NIcole C. Mullen does a wonderful job of singing "My Redeemer Lives". The first time I heard it, I was captivated. I still am. She conveys the essence of divine love as the purest form of unconditional love.
This song is one of my favorites from Addison Road's first cd.
This is a quote from Amy..."I've loved this song since I first heard it. The honesty and vulnerability of the lyrics reminds me that to pray means to come as I am, imperfections and all, because ultimately, God seeks communion with us, the real us...and that's freeing."
Have you ever felt unworthy of love? Chris Tomlin knows the solution.
Have you ever had the experience of not getting the connection to God that your heart desires while you're at church? All the rules of religion just get in your way? Jason Gray knows how you feel.
This is the story(set to song) of 2 men who raised a lion cub in captivity and successfully introduced it to the wilds of Africa, and their amazing reunion, with the lion remembering them even after adapting to the wild. 
This is a beautiful mini-movie about our planet, starting with a view from space, and sprinkled with many striking scenes from nature,along with a moving soundtrack.
These are a couple of songs featuring Santana with guest artists. He's arguably one of the best guitarists of all time, and his music often reaches a spiritual level. These two videos are about romantic love, we all  feel hunger pains for that. These two songs just feel good!