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mary ellen ciganovich
mary ellen ciganovich
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 Mary Ellen Ciganovich
Have a question? Ask Mary Ellen.
Healing Words
ISBN # 978-1-61739-151-4
Mary Ellen Ciganovich

"The most important things in life cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart."
Antoine de Saint Exupery - The Little Prince
Healing Words
Life Lessons to Inspire

by Mary Ellen Ciganovich

"Many of us have a supportive network of friends, family, or professionals who can help us through these days. There finally comes a time when we must seek within ourselves the strength to confront and vanquish the challenges that test our spirits. But how does one go about tapping into that inner core?


Author Mary Ellen Ciganovich is no stranger to life's uncertainties. She has prevailed over two major illnesses, an abusive childhood, and the difficulties of single parenthood to become a whole and dynamic person. She shares that hard-won knowledge in her extraordinary book, Healing Words: Life lessons to Inspire.


This collection of inspirational writings offers encouragement, rare insight, and words of wisdom to gently guide toward finding that bottomless well of strength that dwells within us all.


By embracing and learning the lessons within these pages, you will feel an empowerment you have never known. You will think in a vibrant new way as you perceive the world in a fresh light. Healing Words will put you on a path toward becoming the happy and fulfilled person you were meant to be."


108 pages - regular price $10.99 (paperback), visit this link for a discount. 

                Healing Words by Mary Ellen Ciganovich | ISBN # 978-1-61739-151-4                                                

This book is also available for purchase as an eBook download.


Welcome to the world of eBooks where instead of receiving a physical paper book in the mail, you would be given access to the eBook file for this complete book. Within minutes you can be reading this book on your computer, PDA, cellphone or a stand-alone eBook reader—at a reduced cost! eBook readers that can read these files include Sony Reader, Nook, Kindle, iPad, and iPhone.


Regular price $10.99 (digital download), visit this link for a discount.


Mary Ellen is also featured in Caroline A Shearer's new book " Women Will Save the World".