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(I want to apologize to those of you who are familiar with my website, I've lost much of the content because I lost the host for my website. I'm in the process of rebuilding it, thanks for your patience.)
Welcome to todays Health Counselor, this is your website for finding the answers you seek in healing spiritual wounds. I'm trained in the strategic intervention style of coaching and helping someone heal from the death of a loved one is one of the things in my life that makes my heart come alive.
This is also your website for finding the answers you seek about supplements, diet, nutrition and exercise...about how the triangle of nutrition, exercise and rest can help you achieve your fitness these things can improve health and emotions impact on stress and physical health... and how Grace can improve both emotional and physical health.

I may touch on the search for spiritual enlightment as I am on a spiritual journey.


I have 7 years experience as a manager in a health and nutrition specialty store, but feel the knowledge could be better shared outside the retail environment. Though I am not a doctor, I have studied health and emotions for roughly 30 years. I learned as much from my customers as I did from my employer and would like to continue that here. You can ask me questions 

(@ contact us) or share your knowledge and experiences with me and any who read this web page.  


I can help you achieve your fitness goals, your stress management goals, and also help you with spiritual growth. See coaching. 


I don't diagnose problems or prescribe treatments, but I can offer my best guess as to the nature of your problem and offer a possible course of action. Always consult your health care professional when faced with health care issues. The more serious the nature of your problem, the more I encourage you to seek help. Having said that, you've heard the expression " An apple a day keeps the doctor away "? It's my desire to give you as many apples as I can to help prevent the necessity of seeking treatment.


Please feel free to check out any of the sponsors on this website (see product reviews). I'm grateful for their support.


This website is a practical and spiritual tool for your health.


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